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May 09, 2022

Is It Necessary To Have A Security System In Your Safe Neighborhood In Lexington?

You finally managed to buy your dream home in a wonderful location. It’s regarded as an ideal family spot with nearly zero crime to report. But, do you really need to invest in home security in your Lexington safe neighborhood?

Although the rate of crime in your location might be below the norm, it is never zero, and burglars often don’t live in the same community. You will also find a few surprising perks to outfitting your residence with a home security system that may serve you in ways you didn’t realize! Review the top reasons to install home security for your safe neighborhood in Lexington.

Discouraging Potential Thieves Is Your Best Tool To Thwart Safe Neighborhood Break-Ins In Lexington

The best part about having a modern security system isn’t necessarily halting an invasion while it is happening. It’s ensuring one doesn’t occur at all. As reported by the Electronic Security Association, nearly 90% of thieves said that if they noticed a home security system at the property, they wouldn’t bother with that house. Knowing this, you should utilize your security signage and window decals and invest in a video doorbell, and burglars will understand they need to steer clear. By turning your property into a less suitable opportunity for prospective robbers, you’re doing your part in keeping your house and belongings well defended.

Peace-of-Mind When You Go Out Of Town

Unfortunately, our hectic lifestyles frequently don’t allow us to maintain an unwavering view of our residences. Fortunately, your modern home security package features around-the-clock monitoring, which means trained specialists will always be looking out for your house. That’s reassuring when you’re around, but even more worthwhile when you’re on vacation.

Use your security app to examine real-time footage of your indoor and outdoor cameras. Or inspect the condition of any sensor or smart device. Enjoy the convenience of warnings to your phone if they sense any unusual activity. You may also get messages in regards to the presence of smoke or water infiltration, so you never return to find an unpleasant situation. Then, your monitoring team will also respond to any alarm or sensor trip. They have the ability to collaborate with first responders in your place and tie you in as needed.

Lexington Security Systems Offer Protection For More Than Home Invasions

Your smart security system is a proven means for protecting you from potential criminal activity. Even so, your package can include devices beyond door sensors and surveillance. For example, smoke and CO alarms merge effortlessly into your security network, giving your family a safeguard from different types of danger – and it’s all in one cohesive package! You might also include high water sensors if you own a house with a basement or reside in a flood zone.

Plus, get the power of smart home automation incorporated into your system. Various smart devices like lights, thermostats, and locks can enhance your safety while reducing energy bills. Take command of your home remotely with a few simple touches of your finger, and arrange scenes that allow your home to be much more responsive to your everyday schedule. You could even hook up your security and automation to an AI assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Start Planning Your Customized Security System Today

Now is the perfect time to prevent safe neighborhood break-ins at your Lexington home. Your home security expert is here to answer your inquiries about how to best secure your home to meet your unique requirements. Reach out to (859) 279-1710 or complete the following form to begin.